eraillure (eraillure) wrote,

There's nothing to do here for a while.

I tried calling last night, around 11, even though you still haven't returned my phone call. I was sitting on the back patio having a cigarette after the game and noticed the sounds and the way that the air felt. I never made it a point to sit on that porch alone.

I dialed the wrong number because I've become accomplished at forgetting things, like what it was I wrote on the inside of the my closet doors that last day. I said I'd keep it a secret to everyone so now I have no one to ask. I'm glad there is nowhere to be gone at this moment, because I am going nowhere.

Tonight I begin my first summer class. It's with the professor that people thought I was sleeping with my freshman year. I could use a familar face.

"The pleasure of sorrow is sweeter than the pleasure of pleasure itself" -- buddy buddy with Byron, he was.
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