eraillure (eraillure) wrote,

Gin over ice with a lime?

Yesterday was a good day. In the most simple way, it was very good. I got back from Little Egg Harbor in the mid morning and washed my car, inside and out. I cleaned the house. I cleaned the dogs. I has a deliecious lunch (Coucous and sauteed veggie-tables). We fooled around a little in the afternoon. I took a long and breathtaking shower. We went to the mall to find me some tank-tops for work. In Old Navy I discovered that I fit into a Boys Large. I bought 3 polos for 20 dollars (nano-care!). We went to coconuts and C. bought me a copy of Indiana Jones: Blah Blah Blah on PS2 (I'm a video game junky for about 3 weeks out of the year).

Last night was also good. We went to Georgie's for Stacey's birthday, where we met a wide variety of people (namely, Sam, the gentleman that I played pool with for a while) and hung out with a few that we already knew. I begged C. to let me be the designated driver and finally she let me. So, I got to watch her cut loose and get pretty drunk for the first time since we met. It felt really good to watch her have a good time. I love her way too much. From Georgie's, we went to Paradise where C. had some more to drink. We hunted for food on the way home but I made sure to go to all the places I knew were closed because she would kill me for letting her eat so late. All this in a really clean car! God, I love it.

Man, what a senseless post. I just needed to remember some stuff, that's all.
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